Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Clock is Ticking

The new fabric is in! The new fabric is in! I designed another set of limited edition Raven themed fabric for the Quilted Raven and I LOVE how it printed! The fabric is 100% cotton Batik and is available in a variety of color-ways. This year Jana, the owner of The Quilted Raven decided to offer customers a companion design in which I incorporated my favorite “swirls” with Raven foot prints and accents. I had a chance to take quick digital pictures of the fabric as the store was trying to close for the night –I'll try and get some better photos of the fabric, but I couldn’t wait and had to snap these quick digitals! The little “Quilt Stars” below are clever fat quarters folded for customers and have a cool antler bone and souvenir tag for embellishment –aren’t they CUTE?! The fabric just arrived this week and has been selling fast –whew! 

The Quilted Raven has a lovely corner of the store merchandised with not only the new Raven fabric but all of my Art Quilt Patterns!

Daddy-O wearing his summer attire!
In Alaska, we have about 90 days of real summer…and usually only a fraction of those days are sunny. Starting June 1 the clock starts ticking to get all of your summer construction done, gardens planted, summer BBQ’s cooking, and get in a little fishing –ALL IN 90 DAYS. With the “new” old house our summer to-do list is growing. Daddy-O has the old shed out, new shed built, sheetrock out, new plumbing (almost) in, shingles and materials bought and the new roof is up next!  My new front garden beds have been dug and topsoil is ordered for delivery while my arms are killing me –I am so out of shape because I haven’t been slinging steel like I normally do  and just sewing hasn’t helped to firm up my arm flab! I’m about 2 weeks behind on the garden projects but not a problem because the temps have still been a bit cool. 
New front garden beds getting prepped.

Way to go TEAM Champ Tae Kwon Do!

The one sunny Saturday we did have this week the family needed to attend Gus’ Tae Kwon Do Tournament in Wasilla. We love our son and were proud he took 3rd place in Forms and 3rd place in Sparring –but I admit it was really hard to sit inside the sports complex while peeking out the back door that was propped open seeing that it was a rare blue-bird day outside!


cookingwithgas said...

thank goodness that summer is here, you all had the weather last winter with all that snow.
I love the fabrics!
I just put in some food related plants- I am a bit behind as well but determined to grow something to eat.

angela walford said...

well congrats moving in has so many things attached doesn't it!!! enjoy!! you'll be heading back to the heavy metal come winter??

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

How in the world do you keep all the balls in the air at once?!! Fabric designs are awesome!

Laurie said...

Beautiful job with those fabrics. I'm partial to batiks and those are really gorgeous!

cindy shake said...

Thank you friends for reading and leaving kind words :)