Sunday, November 18, 2012

He Loves Me

The Opening at 2 Friends Gallery was wonderful. Thankfully, the First Friday for November wasn’t weather impaired or weather challenged! Lots of events and openings on that Friday evening brought out lots of friends that circled through my opening and even bought some of my ART!  Thank you to everyone who had kind words for me, were supportive and took the time to fit in seeing my show amidst all of the other FAB openings that night, thank you again friends. Speaking of openings –our friends Gina Hollomon and Georgia Blue will be hosting the grand opening of of Blue.Hollomon Gallery today! Georgia, formerly with the Anchorage Museum used to be one of the "friends" in the “2 Friends Gallery.” Gina is an incredible Raku artist of Red Door Studios. Stop by for refreshments and door prizes today from 1:00 - 4:00, they are located at 3555 Arctic Blvd. in the Olympic Center -near Jen's. 

Thursday, November 15th was the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center Heath Center Heroes Lab Coat Auction and Fundraiser at Snow City Café (which is a great venue for an event BTW!). While the art, food, beverages, music and company were perfect, the attendance of bidders were fewer than organizers had hoped for. Minimum bids were lowered on the three featured coats (mine was one of those featured) for the live auction. All 12 Lab Coats still received silent auction bids but all bids that evening were not what the ANHC had hoped for. This time of year I think calendars are packed with events, parties, fairs, shows and family commitments that has us all feeling a spread a bit thin for time. One of the best ideas for the evening was that the organizers created a limited edition of 20 prints (with prior permission of the artists) selling for $100 each, of the three artful lab coats as an additional fundraiser!  The three artists were asked to sign and number the prints and they were a huge hit bringing in the much needed additional dollars.  Here is a link from a KTVA segment.

While walking Olive-dog near the neighborhood junior high school this week, Daddy-O found a denim-stained worn note lying abandoned on the sidewalk. He said it looked like it had fallen out of a backpack or back pocket. It said “To: S____” with a heart. Handing it to me when he got home he said, “this is something I would give you.”     Awwwwww! 



Tracey Broome said...

The art community you have up there in the frozen north is amazing. I love that note, I'm going to make one and send it to my daughter at school. Wouldn't you love to know who was supposed to get it? So sweeeeet!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Love the mystery of the note -- and the romance from your guy. Very cool... Sorry that the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center show didn't get the bidders they were hoping for. I tried to "vote" for your coat and became a FB friend of the center, but it required further sign-up and I balked. I always falter when registration is required, but it does seem like such a great cause and a very creative event. Glad the print sales went well!

cindy shake said...

thanks girlfriends! :)