Sunday, March 3, 2013

Point Five Seconds of Fame -I'll take it!

TAA-DAA! Look, there it is, quick, look, there it is again! Don't blink or you will miss my sculptures popping in and out of several short scenes of “Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels” 
About a year ago I received an e-mail from a set director working on a feature film. In the subject line was “your work in film.” The e-mail saidI'd like to feature your work in some upcoming feature films. Please call me. Thanks.” How could I not be intrigued (and flattered)?! The sender had seen my work at the gallery downtown and after a brief conversation and description of the film, I was told what the set director was looking for. I was asked to make a creative looking desk gadget or sculpture, using things “just found lying around in my shop” –something that a “unique” scientist would have sitting on his desk. I wasn’t told much more until a few months after the film was shot. I had forgotten about the project until Daddy-O had read a small press release in the local newspaper and said “hey that movie that you made the props for is out on “pay for view.”  The movie, “Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels” was made in Alaska by John Voight and both of my props were supposedly used. Even though IMDb only gave the film 1.9 stars, you would have thought we were watching the academy awards when we spotted my little sculptures in the background! Throughout the movie we were all shouting “there they are!” and “I saw them again!” Truthfully, we needed to pause, rewind, slow and rewind several times because they were appearing in a blink! Finally, I was able to capture a quick digital picture of my cool little sculptural gadgets “Cameo” appearances! 

 These were the two props in production last year. An electrician on the movie set added power so they would blink. the large orb is a rubber ball I found at the toy store - several of us thought it was the coolest part of my props!

"Hey boys! Dinner is going to be late Mommy is welding!"
The Steel Seal is finished! I'm donating it to the KNBA Art Auction. It's about 68" long by 30" tall, plasma cut and welded black iron, heat treated details with a clear coat finish and embellished with glass beads strung on copper wire.


angela walford said...

cool gig cindy congrats... you're immortalised now :P

Laurie said...

How exciting! Well, your beautiful work deserves some attention. Bravo!

Tracey Broome said...

How fun is that?, you are one bad ass mom!

cindy shake said...

Thank you friends! xox