Saturday, February 23, 2013

Re-Centering at the Top of the World

The famous Barrow Whale bone arch. These are the bottom jaw bones from a Bowhead Whale! Umiaq boats are on each side waiting for the Spring Whale hunt. Skins will be stretched across them.
Little did I realize how much I was in need of getting re-centered. For a special project I was fortunate enough to travel to Barrow, Alaska the farthest North American city. Attending Kivgiq an Inupiat dance and drumming festival I was witness to many culturally rich traditions and people from many villages across the North Slope Borough. Daylight finally appeared for the residents of Barrow in January and while we were there the sun provided blue-bird, crystal clear days with balmy -30 below temps the entire trip. I loved it. I’ve been pouring over my photos from the trip and appreciating the vastness and calm I felt while there. 

 This is the KIVGIQ celebration held at the Barrow, Alaska High School.  Villages from across the North Slope Borough gathered for the 5 day bi-annual event. 

We found a Ptarmigan on the side of the road and I harvested the feathers in the name of ART!

This is a fresh Polar Bear track we found out at Point Barrow -locals told us it was SMALL!

Another important experience I had this weekend was plugging in my plasma cutter and welder for a sculpture I’m making for the KNBA Art Auction. This was no easy task!  Not only am I OUT OF SHAPE slinging steel but most of my tools were still packed away and because of no shop and only the small detached garage we have with our little downtown house I needed to cut and weld outside -it’s February in Alaska…  Daddy-O provided me power and even a clean area to work in. With a couple of warm layers on, wool socks and working quickly I think I can pull it off. Snow started to fall this evening just as I was finishing the plasma cutting. I’m hoping it trails off for tomorrow so I can weld up the seal sculptures. After the trip to Barrow, not only did the weather seem BALMY I was crazy inspired and the sparks were even more beautiful from my long absence from metal work.

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