Sunday, January 27, 2013

More New Tricks for This Old Dog

As if I need more to do -or should I say more distractions... Have you heard of Pinterest? I'm still learning but being such a visual person I think I really like this concept. Here is my Pinterest link.
It's a bit weird to learn and I still don't think I'm doing it right but no harm in taking my time with pouring over hundreds of incredible visuals. Along with my art making, my studio time has suffered the last couple of weeks. I've been doing a lot more computer and graphic design projects. I forgot how technical issues on the computer and with software programs can SUCK the time out of a day intended for completely OTHER things, but I really love graphic design and can never seem to let it go.

Whenever I see a new App or program on the computer or iPhone I'm so inspired by all of the new Apps, eBooks, iBooks and FREE developer programs available that my head is swimming with new design ideas.
AND GUESS WHAT? Apple accepted my iBooks to sell in their iTunes Store! My alphabet books are NOW AVAILABLE through iTunes for iPads and iPhones! How cool is that?

I was ranting a few weeks ago because I was frustrated with Adobe systems. I was trying to get my Adobe Creative Suite upgraded to the most current version of CS6. And in all fairness this was on the heels of me trying to get my Mac OS upgraded to the most recent version of Mac OS 10.8.2 -some big cat name of which they all are bending together now. InDesign upgraded fine last fall but Photoshop and Illustrator never successfully upgraded. Something to do with my serial numbers and me not being able to "verify" the new authorization upgrades that were being emailed to me. I finally had to let it go for a couple of months UNTIL last week I couldn't ignore it any longer. I was in need of one upgrade to my Mac before two other software upgrades could be successfully installed... Short story long, one of the attempted solutions suggested by a brilliant Adobe tech administrator in India (I'm not kidding) was to purchase the new Adobe Creative Cloud and never have to worry about a 24-digit long registration number, upgrades to versions long past, or frustrating downloads. SOLD! For a monthly fee I have COMPLETE ACCESS to EVERY ADOBE PROGRAM out there anytime, any day. No more crazy long serial numbers or $500 for this and $300 upgrades for that. Creative Cloud is pretty amazing. Special thanks to Sylvia, Account Development Manager, Digital Media Channel Inside Sales, Adobe Systems Incorporated. A REAL person who not only called me back but had the lead tech support guy call me, share my screen and walk me through the install until all worked like a charm. He stayed on the phone with me the WHOLE time -almost 2 hours!

It is about 5 below zero outside right now on a blue-bird winter day. The sun is streaming in through the studio window and Daddy-O has the iPod playing some of my favorite music -he really knows what I like and has put together FAB playlists for me. Thankfully, because I know what I like but can never remember the names of songs, musicians or groups -hell, I don't even know how to work the "genius" thingy on the iPod. LEarning that trick will need to wait for another day. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful designs. It was a pleasure to meet you today at the conference many wonderful connections!