Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Another Snowy Day In May

Hard to believe that one week ago we had to break out the winter hats and gloves again! YES, we had a late winter storm that came with snow warnings, a snowy opening day at the Spenard Farmers Market and an unusual Bike to Work Day! The crazy snowfall set several records, the worst being the 2012-13 snow season was the 232 days LONG as of Saturday, May 17 -the longest "winter" for the city of Anchorage with a high temp of only 37 degrees which set a cold record temp and if that wasn't bad enough the 0.3 inches of snowfall set a daily record! Below is a picture of my drive to my sister's house to pick her up to go to opening day of the Spenard Farmers Market!

However, in just seven days, Mother Nature transformed Anchorage to have temps in the near record 70's! What a difference the sunshine makes -I was even able to finally weld outside and finish a mountainscape wall sculpture commission that the commercial clients have patiently been waiting for. We were waiting for a break in the weather that was supposed to happen in March!

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