Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sculptural Tear-Down

The panels 48 hours BEFORE the whole porch had to be renovated!
Instead of replacing the wood pickets on our front porch railing, Daddy-O and I wanted to have a more custom look. We decided that I would design and weld leafy looking steel vines from hand bent, cold rolled round stock. I created two different panels for the end of the porch and the front that we bolted to newer 2x4's that the previous owners had installed. After D was going build a new set of stairs because the others had not been made with pressure treated wood and were rotting, I was going to create the side panels on the railings to match. UNFORTUNATELY, as he was removing the old stairs and rotten hangers he found so much dry rot on the whole porch that right after we installed the panels he had to tear off the whole porch -including the front door threshold. While D rebuilds the front porch as it needs to be, the panels are weathering nicely leaning against the back deck -while we wait for the new custom front door and threshold that had to be custom ordered... 
Luckily, we have been having record warm temps and dry sunny days.

Custom fitting the welded steel vine panel that I designed for the front porch.
The original stairs and porch on the left BEFORE Daddy-O discovered the dry rot. On the right about 48 hours after we had installed the welded steel panels I had made!
The Quilted Raven has a lovely display of my art quilt patterns that are merchandised beautifully with the limited edition, 100% cotton batik Raven fabric that I designed! Look at this great apron that was made using the Lapis color Raven fabrics! Below is a handy color chart the quilt shop uses for ease of ordering for their online customers.

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Tracey Broome said...

Girl, you are ROCKING that outfit! I would love to have you design an porch railing like that for me one day when I get my dream house......