Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sorry, But This Frog Jumps!

I was in a bit of a funk this week and feeling out of sorts. Rushing to complete a HUGE list of want-to-do's as the passing of Summer Solstice signaled time starting to tick down JUST as we were getting into the swing of sun, warmth and outdoor living. My fussy, restless mood was directly linked to my overly scheduled inspired life. I have tried very hard not to be that person who rushes around, rushes her kids and bosses her husband. Let's just say Daddy-O put it perfectly.... "that's like making a FROG NOT JUMP!"  What a silly thing to say to me from the man I love -and yet so true.
OK, I'll work on it... this winter!

Even though Anchorage had a record late snowfall at the end of May, the new gardens are coming around with record breaking heat and a string of blue-bird days.

We hosted a Summer Solstice "meet your neighbor" party. What fun to enjoy music, friends, food (fresh Sangria!) and beverages on our new front lawn. Many of the neighbors had not met one another -even though some have lived here for years! They were grateful Daddy-O and I suggested this party in the middle of everyone's busy, busy summer. We all appreciated the live music, festivities and conversations with an eclectic group of people, so much so, that the party continued through the night around the fire pit -which also helped to fight off these hurkin' AK-size mosquitos! Nigel was in charge of the iPod Playlist when the live music took a break.

I've been trying to get some welding in -maybe this weekend if the weather clears. It's raining right now so I'm filling Garden Flag orders and enjoying sitting at the sewing machine with a lovely view of the new gardens. Ahhhhhh....

Gus participated in the Great Alaska Martial Arts Tournament and Festival that was hosted by Champ Marshal Arts. Daddy-O and I were staff volunteers in the rings as time keepers, and even board holders for the breaking competition! (notice that Gus has grown taller than Dad this summer...)


Amy said...

just discovered your blog through Tracey Broome's. LOVE the flags! Wow.... colors, and prints and all. Alaska is one of those places I want to visit someday. Will add your blog to my roll.

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