Saturday, July 27, 2013

The High Speed of Social Media Stream of Flotsam and Jetsam

Gus and I rented a fun ride for our trip in WA
I blame my kids. Smart phones were an expensive luxury but our (adult) kids wanted to be able to text and send frequent fun pics on their travels  -and so started the family of incredible handhelds. Daddy-O has even been converted and with that let's just say "pigs can fly!" We are a family of the latest iPhones and Androids with all the photo, texting, calendar, news, music and web browser apps you can tap into.

But all of this instant posting, texting, uploads, tagging and sharing has left my Blog feeling cumbersome and taking more time than using my phone for a quick update or post to the Farmers Market and to my personal Facebook accounts. Feeling overwhelmed by the social media choices available and trying to keep up I was ready to trash it all and unplug but gave myself this summer to see which social media streams will win out. So far, it appears that for ease of use it's Facebook and LinkedIn for professional work and most of my family is now also on Facebook. I don't personally Tweet though we do have my Spenard Farmers Market Facebook posts and shares being pushed out through Twitter for our Market followers. The gadget that's been left in a ziplock bag for months is my digital camera! Why lug that around when I can tap, shoot and upload with my phone that fits in my pocket?! Like the digital camera I haven't made time for my Blog like I used to and my web site has been hopelessly neglected. I don't like doing web or blog editing using my phone because the screen is too small but I opened my laptop and I did a quick review of my Facebook posts and grabbed just a few pics for my Blog that I'll share below -holy cow we have been having FUN!

Record good weather temps has let me weld up a few things for a Spenard Farmers Market garden day event I participated in. As the Community Relations and Media volunteer for the Market I'm happy to see that the Market is growing, growing and is in full swing with vendors now harvesting loads of produce bringing lots of happy market goers.

Good weather has our garden in full bloom and the new boxes Daddy-O built are producing huge, thriving greens. We held another impromptu garden party for Kristen and her friends. Kristen made a quick stop home during a layover on her way back to Boston from a research trip to the Arctic Slope. Having all my kids in one spot was a treat for Mama Llama! We found out Nigel-dog loves the hose, Black Bears love our neighborhood garbage which put us in the news... and not finding seats on Alaska Airlines Gus and I enjoyed a fun trip to Seattle on Jet Blue for the first time which is now flying seasonally to Anchorage.

At the Sequim, WA Lavender Festival Gus and I visited my parents (on the left) and toured farms, visited artists, went to street fairs and soaked up the Olympic Peninsula warm temps. Here we are at the first day of the festival -first stop was the Red Hook Beer Garden! I'm with my Grandma and Gus had to sit OUTSIDE the beer fence... hey at least I bought him a Lavender infused ice cream!

At the Festival there were three days worth of endless activities. Gus found his dream car at the classic car show, a '68 Barracuda, I bought a chicken purse in Port Townsend, and at a Quilt Show I met with vendors for my patterns, bought delicious new fabrics and bought a scissor headband for the girls at the Quilted Raven at home.

To fund more summer fun, more welding is on tap for this week as it looks like this record breaking summer of good weather is going to hold! To see what I'm up to you can find me and my latest work on Facebook if you want to be my friend! 


Tracey Broome said...

Ugh, shame about Facebook winning over your blog. I pretty much detest f'book and don't participate, been missing your blogging.... Oh well, nice to catch up and read what you have been up to, check in every now and then for those of us who just can't go to the dark side, haha!

cindy shake said...

I knew you would say that!! HAHAHA! Did you know that I purposely will STILL Blog BECAUSE OF YOU TB?! I even check in on your blog using my phone hehe! I think I will love on FB even more just to poke you :) xox

Amy said...

So what's your facebook business name to 'like'? mine is Amy Huacani Pottery. I agree- it takes time to update both--- I've found that the blog is a community beyond Facebook--- with more detail too! Good luck on both.