Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year from the far NORTH!

At the top of the world in Barrow, Alaska on a photo shoot for work. We were lucky to have incredible light and blue-bird weather!

Lots of changes here in Alaskaland for this happy artist! I've been working full time with a wonderful corporation as their Marketing and Communications Manager. Lots of work to do, challenges and even exciting travel to far away and beautiful places. I admit that my Blog has been put on auto-pilot as I've been using Facebook for my creative updates rather than generating Blog posts. Our new-old house move still has the shop waiting to be set-up with big power, but for now I've set up shop in the driveway in a pinch! I've got a couple of sculptures I wanted to weld up for two of my favorite events -the Alaska SeaLife Center's Marine Gala  and the annual art auction for KNBA, both events are in February. I threw on extra layers, hoped for dry skies and being thankful for the finish work that could be done in the unheated garage! I finally warmed up doing the beading for the "water" embellishments INSIDE the house with my slippers on.

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