Saturday, February 1, 2014

Art Making For a Cause -New Metal Sculptures for the Alaska SeaLife Center and KNBA

 Making "Art for the Sea!" Bid high and bid often at the Alaska SeaLife Center 2014 Blue Tie Gala Feb. 15 at the Dena'ina Center Anchorage -"Within the Sea" plasma cut and welded steel seal, 60" w x 34" tall, original wall sculpture.
This is a wonderful event that benefits one of my favorite places to find inspiration, The Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, AK. VIP Trips with Seals, Sea Lions, Otters and More -The Alaska SeaLife Center Gala ("Blue Tie" event Feb. 15 -Dena'ina Center ANC) LIVE Auction Items are now posted!

Happy to share my other latest metal sculpture by making "Art for Music" for the upcoming KNBA Art Auction, Feb. 20. "Rhythm Ribbon Seal" is 54" w x 32" t plasma cut and welded steel with heat treated details and embellished with glass beads strung on copper wire. This Seal will be part of the Silent Auction.

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