Monday, January 11, 2016

Creating Your Personal Mandala

My personal Mandala created digitally was inspired by my Birth Chart Wheel.
Note  -I have edited the opacity intentionally for this post.

A new year is an opportunity to learn about and renew those things that matter to each of us -and hopefully, be mindful of them throughout the year. One way is to create a personal Mandala as a visual to aid in mindfulness. A Mandala is a symmetrical design that uses shape and colors as an expression. Most Mandalas are circular and I created mine digitally in Adobe Illustrator CC, as I wanted to efficiently incorporate various imagery and graphics (both vector and rasterized) that are meaningful to me. The basis for my original inspiration and design came from a Natal Chart or Birth Chart Wheel and then sprinkling in some numerology, my Tarot Birth Card from the major arcana, which is The Empress. I've provided links in this post that may be helpful should you want to explore some of these ideas. Starting with a spiral base design, you can easily copy, cut and paste imagery, write affirmations, hopes, and dreams. There really are no rules so use these base spirals as a template to enlarge or even reduce and copy for multiple smaller spirals to form a larger Mandala! Here are a couple of Mandala base spiral graphics I put together that you can download for free to start creating your personal Mandala.

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