Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fitz and Felt

Mommy’s head hurt Friday morning. I surprised Daddy-O with tickets to the Fitz and the Tantrums concert at Bear Tooth Thursday night. What a rockin’ (late) night we had! Normally we would have been in bed just as the doors were opening at Bear Tooth for the concert and discovered that we’re

waaaaay out of shape for staying up past 10:00 pm –especially if you throw favorite beverages on top of a night out. Derek and I vowed to work on our “concert readiness” this year, after all we can literally walk to Bear Tooth

Theater and no DD is needed! Check out Fitz and the Tantrums, Daddy-O bird dogged this group before their trip to Anchorage and

I have to agree, these guys are going somewhere.

I’ve fed the art making need this week with more felting after seeing a post on pins by my friend Karen Tessandore who shared a link to Betz White’s tutorial on felted pins. I didn’t follow their style of making pins but wanted to make some sculptural pins after seeing some birds nests on Betz’ Blog header and loved the idea of working on a smaller scale than I’m used to. Of course, this latest fit of inspiration also required a trip to see

Pamela at Far North Fibers to stock up on more colors of Merino and Corriedale sheep wool! Spring Break started for the Anchorage School District Friday -even though it’s barely 10 degrees outside… As I made these happy little spring nests and my red “Arctic Poppy” pins it cheered me to hoping our real spring is coming. The Poppy pins were made from a beautiful red wool sweater I scored at my favorite thrift store, Bishop’s Attic. Along with pipe cleaners I use for felting for only 50 cents, look at the way cool little tin box I also found for $1!

Kristen wasn’t able to come home for Spring Break (sad sigh) because she had to finish some components of her chemical oceanography thesis at UAF before she departs on another science cruise in a couple of weeks. Fairbanks has had temps at 20 and 30 below and she has been more than ready for a break. I thought a little art making might be good for the other side of her brain. While picking up a flannel mermaid fabric, cheer-up gift for her at Quilt Tree I was surprised to see the beautiful display of my Art Quilt Patterns the store had on display!! Thank you Quilt Tree, I can see why the patterns have been selling so well!


cookingwithgas said...

IO am still recovering for the firing the other day- I love going to bed by 10-11 but sometimes it is worth it.
Your display looks GREAT! I do love the Ravens my favorite!

Tracey Broome said...

Wow! Look at that display they gave you! Very nice. Wesley got us in concert shape when she started playing in a band. She couldn't drive yet and we had a van so we were the designated band taxi. Now that she drives, we have less late nights at the bars :)

Anonymous said...

Love your little bird nests and eggs!

~ k

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh, such beautiful work, everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Same thing going on over here, staying out late, dancing and realizing how much that feeds the soul. CHeers!

cindy shake said...

Thanks guys! Feeling better today -a little nappy, advil and lots of OJ and good food -mmmmm.

cindy shake said...
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