Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For the Birds

Pictured above is the Bird TLC Administrative Assistant Monique, holding the Raven sculpture for the upcoming fundraiser.

When I’m working on a special project or commission, if I’m able to I will make two originals. Each slightly different and still original but taking the pressure off me to have that one piece be just right. I stress over special pieces and commissions. While making a sculpture for the Bird Treatment and Learning Center 2011 “For The Birds” fundraiser, that’s just what I did. I made a Two Raven sculptures for the auction and another for Katie’s Gallery, letting each one “speak to me” on where they should each go. I also finished up a large corporate commission this week but I didn’t think it would be cool to Blog about it (though I really wanted to!)… I feel weird asking clients “do you mind if I blog and blab to the world about this really cool project you just paid me to do for you?!” Some people clearly are not comfortable with blogging and I can totally respect that.

The best part about making the sculpture to donate to the Bird TLC was being able to deliver it to the Center! I got the chance to see one of my favorite birds “Kodi” or “Kodiak the Cache Crow” as he known by many. “Kodi” is originally from Kodiak, Alaska and due to an injury is unable to return to the wild but spends his days COMFORTABLY at the Bird TLC also acting as an ambassador of sorts for the Center. Kodi is trained to take paper money and drop it into the donation jar (he was too fast for my camera!) to the delight of donors watching! This last summer Kodi was supposed to come to the Spenard Farmers Market but was unable to make an appearance due to a not very public appropriate molting issue… Tickets are still available (they sell out fast!) so mark your calendar for March 18th at the Anchorage Hilton to attend the “For the Birds” Auction for the Bird TLC and bid on my Raven sculpture! With the additional support from the auction the Center will continue to provide primary medical care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, or orphaned wild birds; and provide environmental

education for the public through live wild bird programs. The Spenard Farmers Market will also host a Bird TLC Day this summer on Saturday, June 25 where you can meet some of the Center’s most beautiful inhabitants up close! Here is also a link to the Bird TLC blog.


Linda Starr said...

Nothing better than the birds, yours and the living ones you are helping to support.

Judy Shreve said...

Your bird sculptures are fabulous! And what a great program -- I love birds:)

Patricia Griffin said...

Wonderful birds! Can't wait to see pictures of the secret commission piece!