Saturday, December 15, 2012

Danger Will Robinson!!

What the studio table looks like at the moment... a little gift wrapping session underway.
There are friends and foes of Christmas. I'm a friend, but even I can O.D. on all that comes with the holidays. My friend shared with me last week that she "is exhausted with people telling her how BUSY they are!" She has vowed to eliminate the word "busy" from her life. I've been thinking a lot about this and I've come to think of my situation as "never having enough time for ALL THAT I WANT TO DO!" It's a good thing, not a negative but I'm going to try and not say "wow, I'm so BUSY" but try and keep the PROCESS and JOY of everything I'm doing IN THE MOMENT. 

We'll see... HO-HO-HO

While shopping for Christmas presents FOR OTHER PEOPLE, I couldn't help but purchase some very fun felting embellishments! -Like I have time to MAKE MORE ART?! I couldn't help myself. I did think to myself as I have been walking through the various isles of different stores I need to invent a personal robot that would reach out and squeeze my wrist and freeze hold my Alaska Airline Visa when I pick up something I really don't need -he'd shout out to everyone around me " DANGER, DANGER CINDY SHAKE, PUT THAT CRAP DOWN!!" 
...but I didn't and look what I made! Damn you robot warning -not this time of year anyhow.

Willie and I celebrated the latest snow storm with a little help from hot Captain Morgan's with Cider and decided that a metal sculpture outside needed more Christmas lights! Gus shoveled the drive and walkways, Will and I laughed and kept the fire pit clear of snow and Daddy-O watched the craziness from the living room window!

Found this incredible book, "Born To Run" for two Christmas gifts. Tracked it down at "Grape Expectations" downtown Anchorage on 6th Avenue. A perfect gift for anyone who loves dogs.
Also bought Olive-Dog new booties for our snowy walks... think we got our money's worth out of the old pair?!
Merry Christmas countdown everyone! 
Wishing you a peaceful mind, loving heart, healthy families and always a creative outlook!


Laurie said...

You're looking all festive there! We just got our tree today. It's in the stand, but that's as far as we've gotten. Thanks for sharing Born to Run. I'll have to check it out. Those dog booties look well-loved!

cindy shake said...

xox thank you Laurie!