Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Work in the Works!

With the Holiday gifts, made, purchased, wrapped, sent and gifted, Mama Llama is ready for some ART MAKING! I'm working on a new set of Art Quilt Pattern designs, some fun, small-scale metal pieces and even enjoying a mid-day hot-toddy or two! Daddy-O and I have even managed to make time for a couple holiday open house parties (Jana H. and Margaret D.'s are the BESTest!) which always lifts our spirits. Yes, partly due to the "spirits" but more importantly surrounding ourselves with new and interesting conversations, surprise live music being played by guests and the warm afterglow as we walk home arm in arm.

Wishing you that arm in arm glow that friends, family and lOve can provide this holiday weekend! 
Merry Christmas FRIENDS!

Daddy-O surprised us with date-night tickets to P the Man concert at Bear Tooth!  Check out their line drawings/art on their web site. These were part of the backdrop digital light show -wow. Nothing better than having your adult son drop off his parents for a concert and telling us to "be safe, and call when you need a ride home!"


Tracey Broome said...

P the Man is awesome' we saw then at Bonaroo a few years ago. Sounds like you are having just the right kind of Christmas! Must be all that white stuff up there:)
(The snow,I mean, haha!

cookingwithgas said...

Merry Christmas Cindy!

Linda Starr said...

happy holidays to you Cindy and your family