Monday, December 31, 2012

Look What's New for a Coming New Year at Our House!

We weren't planning on adopting a new dog but look who we found at the Shelter, Anchorage Animal Care and Control that I just knew needed to be a part of our family! Meet "Nigel" the boxer who is sweet as can be and is making a wonderful companion for Olive-Dog. He was neglected and needs to gain some weight, be loved on and get healthy but for all he has been through it's hard to believe the poor guy still just wants to be hugged. He's a real "leaner" and for having been starved, we can't believe he doesn't even snap food out of your hand or isn't one bit food aggressive -simply amazing. Animals can be so damn forgiving and provide such joy! Welcome to the family NIGEL-dude!

And speaking of NEW my new  EBooks Now Available On Blurb! iBook for iPad Format

Original, illustrated letters are created in the shape of the animal in which their name starts with! From alligators sharing a spear of asparagus, to the zebra zipping on a zigzag suit, discover fun, animal antics and the entire alphabet with 
The Amazing Animal Alphabet, written and illustrated by Cindy Shake.

From a brown bear balancing a bunch of blueberries, to an otter opening oodles of oysters, discover fun, animal antics and the entire alphabet with The Alaska Animal Alphabet! Each original, hand illustrated letter is in the shape of the animal it's name starts with -fun for all ages! Learn about Alaska and the ABC's by Alaska artist, Cindy Shake!

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