Saturday, January 5, 2013

What? Me Worry?!

My artist friend KC wanted to "rehome" these cool
puppets and gifted them to ME!

Aren't these just the COOLEST business shoes on this vintage
marionette puppet KC gave me?!
 Did you know that worrywart is a real word?  I don’t know why, but I think that is so funny! It is becoming obvious to me that I am a worrier. Usually, I make fun of worrywarts, but with a little self-reflection it seems I’ve been critical of what I fear I am. Isn’t that usually the case? The harder we try NOT to become something, the closer we actually move towards becoming it. I’ve also read that worry affects the stomach and I do believe that. Not that I eat Tums by the fistful, but I frequently do get the flutters.  More often my worrying affects my mind more than my stomach. The wonderful thing about having a creative mind is that my imagination can be so inventive but that’s also what fuels my worry. My mind can take a thought, spin it up into a fear (unrealistic or not) and go at warp speed until I’m obsessed over a totally imagined situation. Last year, my New Year’s resolution, which I don’t like to say I make but do, was living by a “No-Big- Deal” theme. I liked that one and it’s a theme still in progress. This year it’s to calm the hell down. My plan is to try and live more in the moment to try and lessen my “worry-wart” ways, all while chanting, “it’s no big deal man, it’s n-o  b-i-g  d-e-a-l.” I’ve looked up some ideas on lessening worry and holy crap was that depressing. Two thoughts that did resonate from “The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You” and for me are probably the most logical  1. I don’t want to be surprised and 2. I want to be responsible. Another mantra I read and really liked was "For me to enjoy life, remain healthy, and be full of peace, worry cannot be part of my daily routine." At least I don't have to worry about not have a good New Year's resolution!
These are the vintage marionette puppets KC gifted me!
I'm LOVING the original, little wool suite worn by the Gentleman!
I'm thinking of sewing up some really cool suits and making
some additional "Business People" puppets...
I'm inspired to redesign some costumes for these hand puppets. I loved the vintage, rich fabrics that are original to the hand puppets. I'm thinking of using some faux ermine fur for the King and really dress up the Princess Puppet with loads of embellishments -sounds fun huh?!
These are a couple of Art Quilts I've made last week -I was inspired by these FAB batik fabrics that I wanted to use as borders on my hand painted art cloth pieces.
Happy nEw YeAr Friends!

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